Morning FAT BURING green smoothie

Good morning friends!

So I decided to post a fat BURING smoothie in another post instead of in addition to my 25 Minute Workout post because I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to see it, even if they didn’t read that post.

So let’s get started,

Things you’ll need:
A blender
2 cups of ice
2 cups of spinach leaves
2-3 tablespoons avocado
20 green grapes (about 2 cups)
1 ripe pear or kiwi (chopped/peeled for either)
2 tablespoons of fresh lime juice
3/4 Cup fat free Greek yogurt (I use plain)

Add ingredients into blender and blend blend blend until desired consistency.

Keep refrigerated for up to 2 days and shake or reblend before reusing.

Under 300 calories based on ingredients I used or just download the calorie counter app and plug in your own ingredients!

Thanks for reading friends and please share pictures and thoughts on how this turns out for you!


Simple 25 minute workout

So some mornings when I just don’t feel like going to the gym or busting out the weights, I like to do some simple cardio and core workouts!
It’s more of an all over body workout but I usually try to target one area a bit more than the others and change it everyday as to not wear myself out.

So let’s get started,
I start out my day with a Fat Burning Green Smoothiethen I hop right into this work out

5 minutes of stretching – I like to be pretty thorough with this and usually do dance stretches which I will demonstrate for you in a future post

30 Jumping jacks
7 push ups
10 squats
15 crunches
1 minute wall sit
30 second plank
30 jumping jacks
5 push-ups
7 squats
15 crunches

30 second break

10 crunches
25 squats
15 sit-ups
(This will change daily after a week, so I will post that soon and link it here;)

Water and 30 second break

30 jumping jacks
5 push-ups
7 squats
15 crunches
1 minute plank
30 sec wall sit
30 jumping jacks
7 push ups
5 squats
10 crunches

Be sure to completely stretch out AFTER your workout and eat something WITHIN 30 minutes, whether it be a hand full of almonds, a banana or veggies just eat SOMETHING!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy your morning work out and remember to have fun with it and if you NEED to take a break between exercises limit it to 15 seconds 30 at most and to always stay hydrated.
If you feel dizzy or light headed STOP IMMEDIATELY and hydrate yourself and let you body cool down, if this happens consistently I would seek professional medical attention before resuming ANY kind of strenuous activity.

Talk with you later friends

FOOD subscription boxes

So I did a post about BEAUTY boxes and now I’m doing the only thing that makes makes me happier than makeup, FOOD!

First we have Graze which is a healthy, organic, raw type of box and you get four different snack sized treats for just $6 a box which you have the option to get as many or little boxes you want a month! So that’s pretty neat and you pick the dates too :O so in love with that customization.

Then there is my absolute favorite box which is Love with Food you get to choose from two different boxes the taste box which is $12/month and you get 8+ different snacks or the deluxe box for $19.95/month for 16-20 items both have organic or all natural snack items!
The best part about this subscription is that for every taste box, they donate 1 meal to a needy child in America and for every deluxe box they donate 2 meals! So it’s really a tastes good and feel good box subscription! Plus you can get your first box for just $2!

Okay so this is probably not really a girl thing but did you know there’s a subscription box for jerky?! It may be a Texas thing but JERKY!!!! In a box?!!! Ugh and I was excited about makeup. Ha. No. Jerky to my door sounds like the best thing in the world next to Channing Tatum feeding me jerky while buying me more makeup and more jerky…
It’s BOJERKY from the makers of BOCANDY! Ahh I don’t even want the candy anymore. Lol
Bojerk is $13 for 2-3 flavors of jerk (more options available?
Bocandy is

And I’m in the process of getting more boxes soooo I will update this thread as soon as I receive them 💋

Weekly fitness challenge

Good morning/afternoon/evening, Friends!!

This weeks simple fitness challenge will be to get your blood pumping at least 4 times a day, EVERYDAY!

Try this, every time you go into the washroom, do 20-40 Standing calve raises. This is something everyone can do wether they are at work or at home, it is especially great if have a desk job and need to get some circulation going in those antsy legs of yours!

This weeks simple healthy choice challenge is to make one fruit/veggie snack choice a day, what I mean by that is to opt for a fruit or vegetable INSTEAD of your usual snack or side. So basically if you usually eat chips, grab some almonds and an apple or banana.

Want a bit more of a challenge?
Add 25-40 jumping jacks to your calve raises, this won’t give you too much of a sweat but you will feel so much more awake throughout your day.

Try eating the majority of your carbs at night. What? At night? Well yes of course at night. It’s broscience, you’re probably thinking that’s insane but please do read the article. I have done even more extensive research on this and would be happy to link that all below but I figured if you’re like me, and hate reading 30 pages of scientific mumbo-jumbo, you’d appreciate the simplicity that is bodybuilder friendly science 😉

Thanks for your time, hopefully this helps! Remember baby steps are completely acceptable and if you want, I will be happy to provide you with a full weekly workout routine!

Unfortunately, I am not a licensed dietitian/nutritionist and any suggestions on a diet will be purely my opinion and although I know they it will make a significant change, it would be best to seek a professional consultation if you have any health concerns!
I am however, a certified personal trainer and can vouch for any and every personalized routine I may give.

Also photo credit to Verge Mag. UK