TeaZa Herbal Energy Pouches Review

Hey there!

Recently I’ve been getting into herbal and natural energy supplements and I found that one of the most common ones brought up was tea, mostly green tea. Naturally when I saw this promotion on tomoson, I went for it!

What is TeaZa?
“TeaZa is a small biodegradable pouch full of healthy NATURAL herbs, vitamins and a small amount of caffeine designed to boost energy and mental focus while providing oral satisfaction to ward off unwanted cravings. This power pouch is placed between the lip and gum and will stimulate your taste buds for hours.”

And I would have to completely agree. I received 3 different flavors, Peppermint, Black Cherry and cinnamon but in addition to those they offer Fire, coffee and chill!
You can use them in 3 different ways, which I tried all, first is just put it in your water bottle and shake it up, second is as a hot tea and third is a little odd but it’s stick it between your gums and lip!

Haha the third one is the reason it has the “Not tobacco” label on it, which I found odd at first. I tried this as my initial method and I just couldn’t handle it. The bags are so flavorful and delicious I kept wanting to chew it so I had to take it out šŸ˜”
After that I did water bottle and hot tea and I used one bag for both and they came out equally as potent so they are extremely packed with flavor!

Oh did I mention they don’t have any sugar and are CALORIE FREE?! Yeah, I think I did, but I’m mentioning it now šŸ˜‰
Also they do give you sufficient energy throughout the day without any jitters, crashing or if you’re like me, headaches and nausea. So I really am a fan of these yummy pouches.

I do recommend this product which you can purchase from Trim Nutrition (host of this promo) or directly from TeaZa Energy. Either way you’ll be getting an awesome product that will give you the best tea bang for your buck.

Thanks for reading!

Any questions or comments are welcomed!


Ana šŸ’‹


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