Petunia 1mm DermaRoller Review

Hello there!

In case you don’t know what a dermaroller is, it’s a plastic device that has a roller thingy with hundreds in this case 540 needles on it.

You’re supposed to roll it over problem areas and it promotes collagen production and circulation. Simple enough but it looks like hell! There are 7 needle sizes that you can get on your own and 2 larger needles that require anesthesia which is administered by a physician.


I have the 1mm roller which is used for

-Improve appearance of Deep Acne Scars
-Cellulite reduction
-Stretch Marks
-Tighten and smooth skin
-Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
-Reduce enlarged pores

I personally will not use this size of needle on my face because I haven’t used the small ones in a very long time so its kind of scary! So I’ve been using this on my cellulite and stretch marks on my thighs in combination with an anti cellulite cream and DIY cellulite scrub in this order.

Morning prep

-Use DIY coffee scrub in shower

Immediately before use

-Clean and sanitize area being rolled AND derma roller

-I usually dip it in boiling water a few times then I’ll soak it in alcohol and dip it once more in the water

Using and aftercare

– Roll derma roller with light pressure horizontally 5-10 times then vertically and diagonally (see photo)
– I usually do one leg then sanitize and do the other one
– I like to wait 10-20 minutes before I apply any serums or creams just depending on the inflammation, if its not all red and sore then I’ll apply it in like 10 minutes
– SANITIZEEEEEEEE before putting it away!!!
– Let area dry and try not to rub it or cover the area for at least an hour


Now as I said some days it’ll be more red than others and everyone’s skin is different so you should really use your best judgment when doing this. Start with going over it 5 times then increase each week, which brings me to the answer of ‘how often should I use this’ it is recommended to use 1-3 times a week on the FACE and 3-4 times a week on the body. I would say start off with 1-2 times a week then gradually increase that to 3-4.

Pain factor, yes it is kind of painful. Its not like being stabbed or cutting yourself its actually like being scratched with jagged finger nails haha so if you cant handle that then this product isn’t for you. Also you are repeating this process 5-10 times per direction in one area, it does get uncomfortable but that’s the price of beauty ;p It will be red, it will look like ground beef (just not as deep) but don’t get me wrong, its not the worst and it isn’t unbearable at all and for the results, its worth it!

Results, now with this it is a process and you have to keep at it and be consistent. By the second month I was able to honestly say that my stretch marks weren’t as pronounced and that I could easily cover them with self tanner and not have to worry about the silvery lines shinning through (not that I wore anything that showed my thighs, but under my shorts it was all good) I’m confident in this process and expect it to continue. Realistically nothing will make your stretch marks completely disappear, I don’t think its possible and every dermatologist ive seen seems to agree but with cellulite it is possible with increasing needle length and some dietary changes!

Bottom line is, if you can take it then I recommend this product. But also I do suggest you starting with a smaller needle until you’re more comfortable with it then gradually increase size. I would start with .25mm for the face or .30mm if your skin is a bit more tough then increase. Do remember to SANITIZEEEEEEEE the hell out of these things BEFORE and AFTER each use the bacteria that could accumulate can cause some serious issues so please remember that! Also this is how it comes so make sure yours is completely sealed also.


Feel free to leave any comments or feed back! Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed.

Also incase you missed the links you can find this product here or by searching Petunia DermaRoller on!



I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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