LIP MONTHLY -August 2014


Lip Monthly is beauty subscription box that gives you 2-3 FULL SIZED lip products and 2-3 other beauty products for just $10/Month! They used to have the products in the standard logo box that you would get for most other boxes but they recently switched to bags so that the products would all fit! Also there is talk of customization for the boxes, don’t quote me it’s just what I heard through the beautyvine πŸ˜‰

August bag contents


So as you can see I received 5 full sized products and this adorable “Lip Monthly” printed bag. The bag is pretty well made and I will probably add it to my collection of travel bags or use it for giveaways or to store freebies.

City Color Lip balm – $2.99


I received the color “Ultra Pink” which is absolutely gorgeous but not my color. However the texture is amazing very smooth, glides on effortlessly and it’s pretty opaque. It has the nicest subtle fruity scent which is always a plus in my book. It’s also pretty moisturizing so I could see myself wearing my shade of choice regularly.

Love the formula, will be trying in a different color.

City Color “Be Matte lipstick” – $3.99


I received the color “Phoebe” or M33 it’s a deep pink color with some purple? Eh it’s weird, not my usual go to but I’m sure I can do something with it.
It’s pretty rough to apply, doesn’t really glide on very smoothly so make sure to exfoliate your lips pretty well. Color pay off is great, super opaque and feels light on so I imagine it being comfortable for long wear. No noticeable scent.

All on all I probably wouldn’t purchase this product solely because the formula is kind of harsh.

Color City “Magic Balm” – $3.99


Have no idea where to find this as it is not on the website but I do like it. There’s no name so I am assuming this was just a balm they have. It’s sheer, scent less and very soft when applying. Pretty moisturizing so maybe apply this under the matte lipstick? Hmmm…

I would totally buy this again, it’s so super soft I just want to rub it on my lips all day!

Jesses Girl “Liquid Glass Lip Gloss” – $4.99


Got the shade “Lickity Split” which is no longer on their website or isn’t on there yet, not sure. This isn’t a sticky gloss so I don’t hate it, it has some shimmer in it that I’m not a fan of so I will be giving it to my niece. It has a smell to it, not sure what it is but it’s a sweet scent, not obnoxious though. It’s pretty sheer so it would probably pair well with a matte base.

I would not purchase this for myself, because I’m not a gloss girl or into shimmery lips but if my niece likes it I wouldn’t be against buying her another one.

Pixie “Lid Last Shadow Pen” – $16


The box reads “This no-transfer, line-smoothing eye crayon glides on like a cream & dries to a powder. Light reflecting pigments deflect light away from fine lines & vitamin E protects delicate eye area.”

Ummm… That’s a lot of stuff for this little pencil but I will say that in the shade I received, which is “Gentle Gold” I could see it reflecting a lot of things! It is ridiculously creamy, so smooth and glides on my butter but just not as messy ;p It is extremely pigmented and a little goes a long way. It does dry fairly quickly and I didn’t notice it showing the lines in my hands or creasing from the movement so it is a pretty good pencil. It smells like a crayon, literally a crayon! Lol

I would maybe purchase this product again for special occasions!

As you can tell I took the pictures off the websites to show you the other color options so you could maybe have an idea if you’d like to try them or not and because I take crappy photos! Lol

Swatches… Well… As good as I could get it.


Also, feel free to use my LIP MONTHLY AMBASSADOR and the promo code SUMMERLIPS to get your first box for just $6.99 !!

Also City Color is CRUELTY FREE ❀️

Thanks for reading πŸ’‹

I did not get this for review, all opinions are my own.


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