Hello there,

I know I’ve been gone for some time on vacation then getting back in the swing of working 75+ hours a week and all that stuff but I’m back!
I actually wrote about 7 posts for when I was on vacation but somehow the computer I was using did not save them on here and they were gone!!! 7 hours of writing, 5 hours of editing and adding pics all GONE!! It was so discouraging, which is another reason I haven’t been on for a while.

But I am hoping to come back strong with an awesome beauty giveaway❤️

The actual items will be a surprise, mostly because I will be adding things as I go but also because I feel like when you’re surprised about what you’re getting it just makes it so much more exciting 🎁🎁

Ways to enter;
Follow me on TWITTER -retweet entry post
Follow my beautyINSTAGRAM
-regram giveaway post (if not using regram app, be sure to TAG me and use hashtag #AnasBeautyFoodLife)
Follow my blog (be sure to comment that you’re entering the giveaway)
-Share this blog post (be sure to TAG me or leave link to post in COMMENTS ON THIS POST or it will NOT count)

You can choose to do all of them or just one but you MUST do at least 1!

Simple rules:
You can share each ONCE per day
You can share EVERYDAY if you’d like, every share, retweet, regram and comment is a new entry!
YOU MUST POST LINK ON THIS BLOG POST to where you shared the post

*****MAKE SURE YOUR IG and TWITTER IS PUBLIC or I cannot account for those entries!*****

GIVEAWAY ENTRIES CLOSE AUGUST 9th winner will be announced August 10th or 11th and will be sent their give promptly after I receive their address ❤️❤️

If you don’t have Instagram or twitter and are strictly a blogger, feel free to leave a comment for extra entries (can be about anything at all, rant, secrets, faves, must haves, kittens, jellyfish, the color orange, whatever you wish)
Comment a picture of yourself with your favorite glam looks, can be beauty on a budget or break the bank glam!

You will win an assortment of beauty goodies with a value of no lower than $100 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Have fun, any questions just ask me and if I forgot something please comment and let me know, thank you ❤️





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