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I know I’ve been gone for some time on vacation then getting back in the swing of working 75+ hours a week and all that stuff but I’m back!
I actually wrote about 7 posts for when I was on vacation but somehow the computer I was using did not save them on here and they were gone!!! 7 hours of writing, 5 hours of editing and adding pics all GONE!! It was so discouraging, which is another reason I haven’t been on for a while.

But I am hoping to come back strong with an awesome beauty giveaway❤️

The actual items will be a surprise, mostly because I will be adding things as I go but also because I feel like when you’re surprised about what you’re getting it just makes it so much more exciting 🎁🎁

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You will win an assortment of beauty goodies with a value of no lower than $100 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Have fun, any questions just ask me and if I forgot something please comment and let me know, thank you ❤️






So I know I was going to do a weekly review but I found that using this product was going to be a bit more challenging than that. (If you want to just see final thoughts skip to the end)
I tried using it TWICE a day for a few days and at first it was fine but after the third or fourth day my skin broke out like crazy! I mean not terribly bad but the blemishes were painful. So I didn’t think that would be fair to post when it was my fault for using it wrong.
The second week I started just using it at night and combined it with my Garnier Over Night glycolic peel and that didn’t really do much except make my skin tender sooooo the third week and recently, I use it every MORNING and use my over night peel at night and my skin has been pretty calm.

Key questions:
Does it make your skin soft?
– Yes, if you use enough product it does make your skin amazingly soft and your makeup goes on smoother!

Does it stop your breakouts?
– Personally, I don’t think it does anything for my acne except for make my skin feel smoother. But that’s just now, maybe with some more time…?

Did it help with your dark spots/acne spots?
– Not that I have noticed. Neither has my other product so I am going to be looking to try a stronger maybe monthly peel to try!

Would you recommend this product?
– Yes and no, I say yes because it does make your skin soft but honestly I’m sure you can find a cheaper product that does the same. I have an Amarte face wash that makes my face feel like a babies butt but that retails $34 but it’s last me a year soooo ehh. The Olay is half way gone and it’s been a month. And no because it just doesn’t do miracles like I expected. Lol I’m impatient.

Overall score on this would be 3 stars.
I love that it makes my skin softer, I love the warming sensation on my face, I love the concept but I’m not in love with the way my skin isn’t reacting to it.
If you don’t have acne prone skin or dark spots this product will probably work GREAT for you but if you do, I wouldn’t expect much, not so soon anyways!

I am in a bit of a rush so I will post pictures tonight!
Thanks for reading and if you have any solutions or comments please feel free to leave them below.

Thank you ❤️