Sample for the NEW Popped Chex Mix

Omgosh! So I got a pretty cool sized box in the mail today, had no idea what it was so of course, instead of looking at the “sent” address I just stab the sucker open with scissors, I was a bit excited, and to my shock it was two FULL SIZE bags of my favorite thing in the world, FOOD!!
I totally forgot about my Klout account and that I was being sent a sample by Chex Mix to test out.
In the box I received a card saying

Dear Influencer,
A little bird told me you’ve got a ton of Klout! Your audience trusts you to create great content, and you tell it like it is. (ya know I do;) Your influence has earned you this Klout perk! Blah blah blah FOOD!

These bags are awesome looking, one says Chex Mix Popped in White Cheddar and one is Chex Mix Popped in Sweet & Salty! Holy cannoli I am excited to put these in my mouth.
Also, I am not sure when these will be available for purchase or if they already are, I haven’t seem them but I honestly don’t know! So be on the lookout if you like what you see 😉
And I apologize for my crappy photography in advance, I am in bed and I don’t feel very well but I really wanted to get this posted for you guys!!!

What is it?
Well it is “The best of both snacks!” Part Chex Mix. Part Popcorn. Totally Delicious. -their words, not mine… Yet :p
In bold letters is says 60% less fat than regular potato chips for the Sweet & Salty just 11g of fat per 31g serving and 50% less for the White Cheddar
which is just 9g fat per 27g serving. So I’m gathering I shouldn’t eat the whole bag or I might start wheezing going up my stairs (I only have like 5) but yeah… Darn… I mean I’ll still eat the whole bags but I’m assuming I shouldn’t do that all at once… Even though I am about to watch Degrassi and GOT so I will do that anyways… Haha

Taste Test
Sweet & Salty dang this stuff is great, caramel popcorn, regular salted popcorn, mini pretzels and of course Chex Mix square cereal pieces!! Yum! Great combo of flavors, nothing too over powering and the “salted caramel” taste is my fav this season so I’m loving the bursts of that I’m getting. Not too salty, scouts honor, I dislike salt so if it were salted even a smidgen more I’d be over it. Overall, yes, I would recommend this for purchase!


White Cheddar
So I’ll admit I am completely biased and partial to the Cheddar, I love cheese… It’s ridiculous but I do tend to put cheese on EVERYTHING, except my morning cereal and fruits. Sooo this bag of goodness is most certainly my favorite of the two! It has Cheddar Popcorn, Chex Mix cereal squares AND Cheddar Cheese triangles!!! Yum! Those are my fav from their Cheddar Chex Mix snacks so I not surprised they put them in here! Now I can’t tell of the Chex are cheddar also or if it rubbed off on them but they are cheesey and delicious. I will admit it is a bit salty for a cheddar bag but the cheese factor does help with that. All in all I do recommended purchasing this bag of treats!


Although these were sent to me for free, my reviews are 100% my own, I am not being paid for this and my opinions are completely my own!

Also, main photo was taken by I found it on google, there was no watermark or anything but all credit to him and his awesome photo!!!


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